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CRS 3kW Fan Heater 110v

CRS 3kW Fan Heater 110v

An extra tough unit designed and built to withstand the rigours of regular site use, this unit is ductable.

£141.92EX VAT

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CRS 14.6kW Split Air Conditioning Unit

CRS 14.6kW Split
Air Con Unit

This unit is ideal for server rooms, data rooms and hospital cooling applications.

£8,135.00EX VAT

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CRS 7.3kW Air Conditioning Unit

CRS 7.3kW
Air Con Unit

They are ideal for cooling a wide range of applications from offices to small server rooms.

£2,955.00EX VAT

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CRS 42kW Fan Heater

CRS 42kW Fan Heater

The most powerful 63A heater available, this unit is ductable.

£2,781.00EX VAT

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CRS 23kW Fan Heater

CRS 23kW Fan Heater

A very powerful 32A heater that offers 23kW of sensible heat, this unit is non-ductable.

£272.63EX VAT

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CRS 2.8kW Infrared HeaterSpecial Offer

CRS 2.8kW Infrared Heater

This fully portable unit provides localised heat for operatives or processes when traditional heat isn't an option.

£140.65EX VAT

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The Carrier Rental Shop range of portable infrared heaters are ideal for use in large spaces that must counteract frequent loss of heat, such as warehouses, garages and airplane hangars. These spaces often have large doors or other cavities that are opened and closed often. Infrared heat works well to keep these areas from cooling too much.

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